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The Variable List

The variable list is a central place to manage and understand the data used in a service or microservice.

Variables can be added directly to the list or automatically after typing them on the design surface.

If  the trash icon against variable is bold, then there is an error in its format or it is a duplicate.

When declaring variables in the list, you do not need to add the open [[ and close ]] braces.

To mark a variable as an input into the service, select the Input checkbox next to the variable name in the list. See Firstname in Figure 1 below. This will allow the variable to be passed into the service with a value e.g.http://myserver:3142/services/SaveCustomer?Firstname=Bob

To mark a variable as output for a service, select the Output checkbox next to the variables name in the list. See Save_Result in Figure 1 below. This will allow Save_Result to be returned from the service.

If a variable has neither Input nor Output selected, it will be used purely for the internal workings of the workflow service. See num in Figure 1 below.

Variables can be used as both Input and Output as per the Accounts() recordset data in Figure 1 below.

Variable List new Image for Warewolf(Figure 1)

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Updated on July 19, 2017

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