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Warewolf Queue Triggers

Warewolf Queue Triggers allows users to schedule an execution of a Warewolf service triggered by a new queue entry into a queue your trigger is set to listen to.

Warewolf Queue Triggers utilizes the RabbitMQ server as it’s queue driver.

  1. From the sidebar of your studio select Triggers and click on Queues.
  2. Click Create a new queue.
  3. Add the Name you want to use to refer to this Queue trigger.
  4. Select the Queue Source of the queue you want to listen to.
  5. The name of the Queue as it appears on the queue server of the source provided. It will be created if it does not exist. It can be the same as the Name in Step 3.
  6. Select the Workflow to run when the Queue receives a new message by clicking  button to choose the workflow you want to execute.

    This will return a popup resource picker as follows:
    Select your workflow and Click Ok
  7. Set the Concurrency of the Queue. This is the number of workflows that can execute in parallel limited by the number of threads available at run time.
  8. Each workflow must be executed with the correct security context. The account details entered here will be passed to the server and execute the workflow as that user.
  9. Options build with the selected Queue Source.
    Select Durable if the queue needs to survive a restart.
  10. On Error allows the user to select a Queue to send messages that hold failed messages as these might be needed by the user to diagnose the error of just re-queue messages. Set the Queue Source to the source you would like the Dead letter Queue sent to and under which Queue this be sent. Any other additional settings on the queue can be set under Options.
  11. Map the entire message will put the full response from the queue into one variable for you to unpack in your workflow. If Map Entire Message is not selected, then the user can paste XML, JSON, or plain text received by the queue.
  12. The History lists from ExecutionId, Start Time, End Time, etc, of all the executions of the Trigger.

For an example follow this link: Warewolf Queue Triggers Example



Updated on July 17, 2020

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