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Warewolf Studio Shortcut Keys

A fully comprehensive look at shortcut keys in the Warewolf Studio.


Generally we use Alt for opening or focusing on areas of the system like the Connection Manager area, or the New Workflow wizard. Typically if that area is already open, then the shortcut will bring that area into focus in the Work Environment.
Alt + F4 Exit Studio


Ctrl is typically used for executing tasks like Save, Cut, Undo etc. The Ctrl shortcuts are context based. For example, if the context of the page is Settings, then Ctrl + R (Run or Execute) is meaningless and will do nothing.

Ctrl + S → Save
Ctrl + R → Run (Execute)
Ctrl + D → Deploy
Ctrl + X → Cut
Ctrl + C → Copy
Ctrl + V → Paste
Ctrl + Z → Undo
Ctrl + Y → Redo
Ctrl + W → New Workflow
Ctrl + F4 → Close Workflow

Ctrl + Shift

Ctrl + Shift + S  Save All
Ctrl + Shift + F Search


F keys

F5 → Debug window
F6 → Debug in Studio
F7→ Debug in Browser

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Updated on April 13, 2018

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