Warewolf User Guide 2

Warewolf User Guide 2: Sources and Connectors

This module takes you through more advanced use of Warewolf and how to connect to various sources. We recommend starting with User Guide 1 unless you’re already up to speed with all that Warewolf can do. In this module we will cover:

  • Getting help in Warewolf
  • Warewolf Syntax
  • Using Recordsets
  • Workflow Services
  • Calculations in Warewolf
  • The Warewolf Connector Tools and Sources
  • Sources identifier
  • The Web Service Tool
  • The Database Source
  • The DotNet DLL Source
  • The Server Dropdown List
  • Security
  • Server Permissions for a Group
  • Logging
  • Scheduling
  • Deploying
  • Service Discovery in Warewolf
  • APIs.json
  • Swagger

Open as PDF:  Warewolf user guide 2

Updated on July 2, 2018

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