Configuring Microsoft Azure to Work With Warewolf

Configuring Azure to work with Warewolf is a simple 9 step process.

This article assumes you have a  Microsoft Azure virtual machine running the latest version of Warewolf.


1. Log into the Azure console:


microsoft azure virtual machines


3. Click on your virtual machines NAME
virtual machine name


virtual machine endpoints


5. At the bottom of the page, click ADD
add virtual machine


6.Leave ADD A STAND-ALONE ENDPOINT selected and click the arrow
add endpoint to virtual machine


7. Select HTTP, TCP, for PUBLIC PORT type 3142 and for PRIVATE PORT type 3142 then click the tick. Basically the page should look like this
select http tcp for port type


8. Repeat the steps for HTTPS and ports 3143
configuring azure end point details https


9. You can now remotely connect to your Warewolf server with the correct credentials and items marked Public reachable from anywhere.


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