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Using the Search Feature in Warewolf

The search feature allows you to search for any workflows, variables, tools and tests.

To search for something in Warewolf, click Search in the main toolbar on the left or use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F.

Click Search Button on the Main Tool Bar in Warewolf - Search Feature

The Search tab will open on the design surface.

1. Select the server that you would like to search by clicking on the dropdown list or create a new server source by clicking new.

Select localhost or server - Search Feature

2. Type the name of what you are searching for in the search field. In this example we are searching for Hello World.

Search for Hello World - Search Feature

3. Selecting Match case enables case sensitivity. Selecting Match whole word returns results where only an exact match is made and the search is specific to a name.

Choose Match Type - Search Feature

4. You can filter the search by Resource, Test Name, Tool Title, Input or Output Variable, Scalar, Recordset and Object. This will narrow down your search if you know exactly what you are looking for. Selecting All will search the entire Studio.

Filter by all - Search Feature

5. Once you have set up your search filters, click on the search icon.

Click on the Search Icon - Search Feature

6. The results of the search are returned below. The names of all artefacts that match the query are shown in the first column. You can see where the match is located in the Path column. The Type of result returned is shown in the third column. These reflect which filter options you used. Match shows the relationship between the keyword used and the search result.

Search Results explained - Search Feature

7. To open the resource you searched for, click on it (it will be highlighted in orange) in either the Name or Path column.

Click on resource name to open - Search Feature

8. In this example, Hello World will now open in a new tab.

Item searched for opens - Search Feature

Updated on June 30, 2020

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